Graduation Requirements

  1. Complete a minimum of 124 semester hours accepted by Bryan College, based on the following:
    1. Transfer Credit (Your admissions counselor will discuss with you which college credits will transfer to Bryan.)
    2. Prior Learning Credit
    3. General Education Requirements based on your major
    4. Major Requirements - between 37 and 49 credits - determined by your major (business or psychology).
  2. Have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.0 (on a 4.0 scale) and grades of C or better in all courses in your major.  Please note that transfer credits do not impact your Bryan GPA.

Prior Learning Credit

A maximum of 31 non-traditional semester hours may be applied toward graduation.  Non-traditional semester hours may be earned through the following options:

  • CLEP or other recognized examination, such as Dantes (DSST)
  • Military training, based on American Council of Education and coursework/training as evaluated by ACE, PONSI  (click here for more information)
Please contact if you wish to pursue any non-traditional semester hours as part of your educational plan.

General Education Requirements Based on Your Major

B.S. in Business Administration B. S. in Applied Psychology
The following General Education requirements must be completed either through Bryan electives or from credits that were approved for transfer to Bryan:
  • Written Communication, 3 semester hours 
  • Natural Science, 3 semester hours
  • Mathematics, 3 semester hours
  • Humanities, 9 semester hours
Complete the General Education requirements as follows:
  • English Composition (3 hours)
  • College-level Mathematics (3 hours)
  • Natural Science (3 hours)
  • Oral Communication (3 hours)
  • Bible/Philosophy (6 hours)
  • Social Sciences (3 hours)*
  • Humanities (9 hours)
*May be fulfilled by meeting the general psychology (3 credits) admissions requirement.