Curriculum for B.S. with a Major in Applied Psychology

General Education Requirements:
  • English Composition (3 hours)
  • College-level Mathematics (3 hours)
  • Natural Science (3 hours)
  • Oral Communication (3 hours)
  • Bible (6 hours)
  • Social Sciences (3 hours)
  • Humanities (9 hours) 
The B.S.A.P. consists of the following 12 courses (36 credits):
HIS 341 TWENTIETH CENTURY AMERICA - 3 credit hours – 5 weeks
An in depth analysis of the people, trends, events, and ideas impacting the U.S. in the twentieth century.

PHILA321/BIBA 321 PHILOSOPHY OF CULTURE - 3 credit hours – 5 weeks
A survey of the comprehensive worldviews that are present in humanity. The emphasis is upon the universal nature of a worldview and the types of beliefs, which are the result of worldviews, including ethical practices.

PSY 228 FAMILY LIFE - 3 credit hours – 5 weeks
A study of marriage and the family, including dating,  partner choice, premarital and biblical roles, communication, and conflict management. A variety of integrative texts are used to communicate relevant research findings and the biblical perspective.

PSY 322 RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODOLOGY - 3 credit hours – 5 weeks
Introduction to research design and methodology. Focus is primarily on quantitative methods. Includes the development of a research project utilizing the appropriate research methods and statistical analyses. 

PSY 325 PERSONALITY THEORY - 3 credit hours – 5 weeks
A study of the psychology of personal adjustment with emphasis upon the various theories of personality and how they organize the human psyche.

PSY 327 METHODS AND MODELS OF INTEGRATION - 3 credit hours – 5 weeks
A study of several approaches Christian psychologists have used for integrating Christianity and psychology.  Emphasis on approaches which deal effectively with both theology and psychology. Includes implications for academic psychology and counseling.

PSY 330 LIFE-SPAN DEVELOPMENT - 3 credit hours - 5 weeks
This course is designed to provide a general overview of the developmental process in humans from conception through death. Included is attention to examination of the major theoretical perspectives related to the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual/moral, social, and vocational development in people over the lifespan.

PSY 334 SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY - 3 credit hours – 5 weeks
A survey of theories and findings concerning social influences on human behavior. Includes such topics as attitude change, prejudice, effects of the presence of others, conformity, and forming impressions of others.

PSY 424 ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY - 3 credit hours – 5 weeks
A study of disorganized personalities.  Emphasis on a descriptive classification of the various behavior disorders using the current classification procedures. Investigation of therapy techniques for the various disorders.

PSY 429 COUNSELING THEORIES - 3 credit hours – 5 weeks
A study of the major secular theories of counseling. Highlights various principles and techniques used in the more popular approaches. Study of how counselees get in and out of dysfunction.

- 3 credit hours – 5 weeks
Basic helping skills such as reflective listening, rapport building and developing empathy will be covered.  Students will be confronted with case studies and role plays to apply various techniques in the counseling process.  Emphasis is on active student learning, and this course is taught in a seminar type format.

PSY 472 PSYCHOLOGY PRACTICUM – 3 credit hours – third term  
The establishment and performance of a working experience in a non clinical setting related to psychology. Includes on-site supervision and assignments directed by the instructor. A background check may be required as a prerequisite to completing the practicum.