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Business is everywhere and touches every discipline. Our business degree will prepare you for careers in areas ranging from traditional for-profit businesses such as manufacturing, marketing, banking, retailing, and accounting, to non-profit management, pre-law, governmental administration, the pastorate, and missionary work. Our business alumni are serving as corporate CEOs and managers, entrepreneurs and business owners, military officers, pastors, directors of Christian or other non-profit organizations, and working in business organizations in countries where missionaries are not welcomed. We offer options in Economics & Finance, Management, and Marketing. If you want an education that can open doors throughout the world, check out the Bryan Business Degree.

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Our Commitment to You

We commit to provide you with a thorough understanding of both the theoretical and practical aspects of business. We believe that business is a calling and we will help you decide if business is your calling. Our objective is for you to acquire a knowledge of the concepts of business, a proficiency in the use of the analytical tools of business, and a vision of business through the lens of Scripture which will enable you to make wise and ethical decisions in a society that challenges our ability to do both. We will show you that a free market, with a minimal degree of government involvement, produces freedom and prosperity that enables God’s people to bring glory to Him in a multitude of ways. We will also do everything we can to prepare you to be able to function wisely in a market that is increasingly “unfree,” highly regulated, and politicized.  We will challenge your heart, mind, and soul with the goal of preparing you to carry out God’s will for your life, wherever it may lead.

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  • The Economics & Finance option provides practical training for the financial management of the organization. We consider the ideal, the free market system, but focus on how to function in the actual, the mixed market. This option presents a balanced combination of economics and finance to prepare the graduate to understand and manage the firm’s costs, cash flow, and profitability.
  • The Management option enables the graduate to be able to accomplish the goals of the organization through managing people. This option provides a skill-set that includes planning, organizing, leading, and controlling.
  • The Marketing option prepares the graduate to manage the various aspects of marketing: offering an effective product, presented at the right price, properly promoted to the relevant market, and distributed effectively. This option is built on developing the research tools necessary to properly focus the necessary components of marketing.
While each of our options develops a complete and practical understanding of important and marketable aspects of business, the business faculty emphasizes the interrelated dynamic of business knowledge for success. Therefore, we strongly recommend that our students take multiple options in their degree program to better prepare them to succeed in a highly competitive market environment.  We suggest the following combinations:

Potential Jobs

  • Bank Manager
  • Corporate Manager
  • Credit Analyst
  • Loan Officer
  • Marketing Research Analyst
  • Production Manager
  • Public Administrator
  • Recruiter
  • Sales Representative/Manager
  • Small Business Owner
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Graduate Schools

  • Auburn University
  • Anderson University
  • University of Tennessee
  • The Graduate School of Banking at the Louisiana State University
  • Middle Tennessee State University
  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 


Sampling of Classes

  • Advertising and Promotion
  • Capitalism
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Intermediate Finance
  • Leadership and Managing Change
  • Managerial Economics
  • Marketing Research and Decision Making
  • New Venture Studies
  • Principles of Investing


Adjunct Instructor

  • Mrs. Anita Joy Hostetler