First-Year Experience Checklist

This list is a guide to help you navigate your first year at Bryan College.  It is your responsibility to integrate the list as how it fits best into your personal and academic goals.  These are suggestions to help you throughout your year, but should not be seen as an all-encompassing list or required checklist.

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Before You Arrive on Campus

☐ Be sure you have filled out all forms for the Office of Student Life.

☐ Finish all your documents for the Financial Aid Office in your eStudent account.

☐ Pay your deposit for enrollment, housing, or both.

☐ Check your campus email daily.

☐ Buy a calendar, organizer, or calendar app to keep all Fall semester deadlines and campus events in one place.

☐ If you will live on campus, know what to bring.

☐ Check out your residence hall information.

Arrival Week

☐ Check your mailbox early and often.

☐ Keep checking your campus email daily. It is the official place for campus communication.

☐ Need a bank?

☐ If you are a commuter, read the Commuter FAQ.

☐ Buy a parking sticker for your car.

☐ Get to know your Residential Director (RD) and Residential Assistant (RA). These are people who can help you.

☐ Unpack your swimsuit and get ready for the All-College Picnic.

Through the First Year Academics

☐ Explore your proposed major.

☐ Meet with your academic advisor.

☐ Talk with a faculty mentor about your intended major.

☐ Utilize tutoring and writing resources in the Academic Support Center.

☐ Connect with members of the Bryan community who are in your classes; discuss forming study groups and exchange contact information.

☐ Connect with an upperclassman in your intended major to find out about their experience.

☐ Learn how to calculate your GPA.

☐ Renew by FAFSA January 1.

Community and Involvement

☐ Learn more about Bryan's Community Life Standards.

☐ Orient yourself with campus buildings and area activities.

☐ Join at least one student organization; look at both social and academic campus organizations.

☐ Check out the Bryan Calendar for information on campus events and activities and show your Lion pride at Bryan College athletic events.

☐ Be sure to use your Bryan email (this is the official means of correspondence for the University) or arrange to have it forwarded to an email address that you check regularly.

☐ Participate in a community service project and consider ongoing service opportunities.

☐ Explore Dayton and Chattanooga. Visit Chattanooga’s Bluff View Art District and walk across Walnut Street Bridge.

☐ If you are a commuter student, check out our list of Frequently Asked Questions. Utilize the Study Lounge in Library 113.

Career Preparation

☐ Meet with a career counselor to discuss career assessment tools, which will help you identify your values, interests, abilities and personality type.

☐ Utilize College Central to review employment opportunities on and off-campus.

☐ Visit Focus 2 for assistance in discovering your personal strengths and interests.

☐ Attend a Career Fair to know what to expect for future years.

Personal Growth

☐ Attend and connect to area faith community.

☐ Attend cultural events to explore the diversity represented at Bryan College.

☐ Offer, seek and identify an academic, emotional and spiritual support system.  Utilize the Counseling Services, if needed. 

☐ Exercise in the Fitness Center to maintain balance in your mind - body - spirit connection (see campus Health & Wellness resources here).