CID is an international Christian outreach program designed to provide expertise and assistance in response to learning and educational needs in nations experiencing economic, political, social, cultural, or spiritual transition.

Project Areas

CID projects focus on business, law, the social sciences, and missions.  CID initiatives focus on two areas:  Executive & Educational Lectures and Seminars, Conferences & Projects.


Although from diverse backgrounds, project participants have the common characteristics of being successful in their chosen field and possessing the ability to communicate their own learning and experiences to others. In addition, CID has established many operational relationships and created the Decosimo Lecture Series and State of Christendom Lecture Series that provide a basis and a forum for ongoing international programs.


CID has placed a particular emphasis on communicating a Christian worldview to the people of the former Marxists nations of Central and Eastern Europe. The fall of communism that began in late 1989 is arguably one of the great political events in all of history, opening the free world to a number of Slavic cultures engulfed for decades in the secular humanist teachings of Karl Marx.

  • CID is committed to bringing the good news of Jesus Christ to those long dominated by atheistic thinking, many of whom have no concept of God. As a result of spiritual bankruptcy, these nations have struggled with creating the ethical and moral base necessary for a complete transition to democratic and free market societies.
  • This ethical and spiritual vacuum provides Christians with a unique opportunity to introduce a Christian worldview into a part of the world desperately needing the guidance that can be provided only by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. CID is dedicated to finding individuals who can effectively reach this and other regions of the globe with this message.

“My faith in the future…rests upon the belief that Christ’s teachings are being more studied today than ever before, and that with this larger study will come a larger application of those teachings to the everyday life of the world, and to the questions with which we deal.”
William Jennings Bryan, The Prince of Peace, 1904


Dennis Miller, Executive Director of External Relations; 423.634.1114; demiller@bryan.edu