Digital Signage PowerPoint Submission Form

Please use this form ONLY if you are submitting a PowerPoint file for your announcement.

Standard Operating Procedure:  If your event appears on the master calendar at least one week before your event date, then your event will automatically be posted on the digital signage system.

If your event is not yet posted on the master calendar, use this form.

If you want your own sign design to be evaluated and approved to be displayed in the place of the one that would normally be posted, please use this form to submit your file at least one week before your event is scheduled.
  1. Only signs using PowerPoint that follow these guidelines for creating your digital sign may be submitted.
  2. If your sign is approved for posting, please note that it will be edited to follow the stylistic guidelines that are used on all digital signs for displaying times and days and making the content as concise as possible.
Contact Information

Details of Request
Please confirm that your event appears on If it does not, please use Master Calendar Request Form before submitting this form.

*Digital sign locations requested (Subject to approval.)

Multiple files may be submitted here. Continue to select files with the "Browse" button. You should see a list of attached files below the file selection box. Click the red X next to the file to remove it from the list.