MBA International Experience 2010

The MBA Team in Brno, Czech Republic

In April 2010 four Bryan MBA students were accompanied by Dr. Adina Scruggs, assistant dean of academic affairs on a trip to the Czech Republic to pilot an international internship program. The trip included three cities; Brno and Olomouc, where the team worked, and Prague, where they were scheduled to spend two free days. The experiences were varied, but the trip was a solid success. Dr. Scruggs stated, “This trip has definitely paved the way for what we would like to see happen long term with our international internship program.”

All of the business contacts for the trip were made through Rick Gascho, a missionary in Brno, Czech Republic, who founded The Business Development Center s.r.o., “a Czech Republic-based company with the purpose of developing emerging leaders in the Czech Republic.” He has been serving there with his family for 16 years.

Three MBA students were involved in consulting work for three different companies: Majak, a local American-run non-profit; SAP, a software company; and Renault, a car manufacturing plant and dealership.  The remaining student was given the opportunity to serve as an intern with Honeywell. All four enjoyed the trip and felt they came away having benefited from the experience on many levels.

Dr. Scruggs spent most of her time teaching at Palacky University in Olomouc, Czech Republic. This town is an hour by train away from Brno where the rest of the team was working. She was given the opportunity to speak to several classes where students were studying English interpreting, business, and applied economics. Her lectures were entitled

  • Marketing: An Essential Business Discipline
  • The Importance of Leadership
  • Leadership: The Crucial Need in Administration
  • The Unique Challenges of Promoting Charity in the US
  • SWOT: An Overview for Future Analysis.

St. Nicholas Cathedral, Prague, Czech Republic
On her last day at the university, she was joined by the four MBA students who all worked together to teach a workshop on SWOT analysis. This experience was later seen by Bryan’s students as "a highlight of the trip."

For most of the trip they stayed in Brno at the Penzion Integrity; owned and operated by “Students for Christ,” a Czech national Christian organization also known as KVZ (which is an abbreviation for their name in Czech). This ministry is designed to reach out to college-aged students. They focus on evangelism, discipleship, and outreach. “We enjoyed staying at the Penzion owned by this ministry and had the privilege of joining them at one of their student meetings," Dr. Scruggs said. “We hope to incorporate them further in what we do in the future.” The international internship trip with the MBA at Bryan was unanimously and enthusiastically recommended by all students who participated.

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