The Bryan Opportunity Program (BOP) is designed to help make Bryan College accessible to all academically qualified Tennessee students who demonstrate significant financial need. The program is a guarantee that eligible students will receive scholarship and/or grant funds from federal, state and/or institutional sources which meet or exceed the cost of tuition, room and board (if applicable) at Bryan College.

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* Pre-Redesigned SAT scores. Beginning March 2016, all students taking the SAT in the United States will take the Redesigned SAT, which is different in design, content, and scoring. Because the new SAT is scored differently and tests a different knowledge base, the two tests cannot be super-scored together.

General Criteria

  • A first-time freshman who graduated high school the spring before enrolling at Bryan
  • Tennessee resident
  • Complete FAFSA before funds depleted (Priority given to those who file by January 31st)
  • Total family income <=$35,000


  • Full Tuition, Room & Board (based on two-person room in regular residence hall): Cumulative high school GPA of 3.6 AND ACT 29 / New SAT 1340
  • Full Tuition:  Cumulative high school GPA of 3.0 AND ACT 21 / New SAT 1060


  • Complete FAFSA by January 31 each year
  • Maintain total family income <=$35,000
  • Maintain Bryan GPA of 3.0


  • January 31 – Priority Deadline for FAFSA
  • Beginning March 1 – Recipients notified