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If there is any phenomenon that puts civilization at risk, it is the malignant disregard for the human rights of millions of people worldwide, who suffer slavery and inhumane treatment at the hands of fellow human beings. Human Trafficking is a global menace that defies boundaries and nation-states.
The vast majority of the victims of this trade are women and children. With no more concern for their person or welfare than if they were a barrel of oil, people are sold on the worldwide black market. Every human trafficking transaction sows a seed of strife. With 30 million people in slavery today, 30 million seeds of strife have been sown as the souls of these victims are seared beyond human recognition. Such a scourge can only be fought with moral leadership committed to stemming and significantly reducing the incredible number of people sinking in this moral quicksand.

Human trafficking will not be combated by rock concerts but by the education of people worldwide to awaken them to this 21st Century scourge, as well as by instilling in people worldwide the courage and determination to stand and fight this evil as Augustine, Wilberforce, and Lincoln did centuries ago.

© 2008 Ronald. D. Petitte, D.P.A