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There are few things in our world so pressing as the question of freedom. Every day millions of people languish under dictatorships and corrupt governments, but what passes unseen by most are the millions more who are trapped in modern day slavery. The sex industry shamefully and systematically exploits women and children of all ages. The labor force of our globalized economy is tinted with the sweat and blood of trafficked victims. This malignant trade in human beings has taken on a power that nineteenth century abolitionist could have barely imagined. The multi-billion dollar industry of human trafficking runs rampant across the global landscape and has reached our shores. 

In our neighborhoods and backyards freedom is being robbed and hope stamped out.  This evil is found in our great cities and quiet countryside. Ignoring it is not an option. Freedom Matters is an intimate look at the victims and perpetrators of trafficking in the United States. The goal is to cultivate an understanding of the pressing nature of this evil and stir the hearts and minds of this generation to meaningful action.  As we face this atrocity in our own communities America will be become a greater leader in the global war on human trafficking.  In the land of the free and the home of the brave, justice and freedom must take new roots and once again transform our society.