Graduate Tuition Assistance

Full-time regular employees who are eligible may apply for tuition assistance in an approved graduate course of study. Graduate tuition assistance is based on the following criteria:


  • The employee must be classified as full-time.
  • Course of study must be on the graduate level, i.e. master’s or doctorate.
  • Course of study must directly enhance the employee’s ability to perform his current job responsibilities at the College.

Procedures for Application

An Application for Graduate Stipends form must be completed and submitted by February 15 to your department head. The application will be presented by the administrative officer responsible for your area by March 15. Applications for Graduate Stipends forms are available upon request in the Human Resources Office.

After review by the Administrative Council, the applicant will receive a written response by May 1 informing the applicant of acceptance or denial of the proposed program of study. The Administrative Council will make a determination based on the following criteria:

  • Appropriateness of the applicant’s course of study to improve his ability for his job.
  • Cost of the program and the limitations imposed by the budget.
  • Ability to fulfill current job requirements.

Employee Job Requirement

 Bryan College will grant $1,000 per year for approved graduate programs for faculty and staff.  The stipend is granted toward tuition and fees, books, and travel to and from the graduate institution.  The graduate program must apply directly to the employee’s position at Bryan and may not be used simply for enrichment in a program not related to his or her position.

When the graduate program is approved, the Individual will secure a loan from public or private sources and service the loan.  From that year forward, the college will pay $1,000 per year toward its principal and interest while the employee is employed.

Should a loan not be required, the college will pay up to $1,000 per year toward an approved program.

If an individual owes the college for advanced funds prior to February 18, 2008, the outside loans now required will be paid back first by the college.  For example, if John Doe owes Bryan $13,000 and needs $10,000 more to finish his program, the college will reimburse $1,000 per year immediately towards the outside loan of $10,000.  After the $10,000 loan is retired, then for the next 13 years, the $1,000 per year will apply toward the funds the college has already advanced John Doe.   

Should John Doe leave Bryan prior to his 13 years to retire the college loan, he will be required to pay the amount yet owed upon his departure from the College.