At least since the 1980s, health care in America has been characterized by many politicians and pundits as being in a state of "crisis." This has been attributed to the skyrocketing costs of care and subsequent questions of accessibility and affordability. The debate has generally crystallized into two sides - those who want more extensive government involvement in many if not most facets of health care and those who want to maintain the current situation.

This conference will challenge, in large measure, both of these "sides" or positions. The speakers will argue that in order to bring the most extensive affordability and accessibility of quality health care to Americans, significant reform is needed. However, this reform does not involve more government control of an already controlled industry, but rather significantly less government involvement in health care. The argument will be for neither "socialized medicine" nor the status quo, but rather for health care freedom. Only health care characterized by freedom (for doctors, patients, insurance companies, charities, etc.) is the position that is consistent with a Christian worldview, individual and family welfare, and Christian compassion.

The "Freedom Solution" (as opposed to either Socialism or status quo) will be controversial. It will no doubt upset some groups that have built up special interests over many years, as well as those who believe only government can do "good." The Center for Law and Public Policy (CLPP) is obligated to cut through these false choices and try to construct something which, as William Jennings Bryan often said, is "applied Christianity."

All seminars are free and open to the public and will be held in Rudd Auditorium. For more information, click the links provided or call 423.775.7688.