Campus Highlights

Residence Halls

The residence halls all have their own personality and proud residents. Each building has a Resident Director (RD) to help guide students. Each floor also has one or two Resident Assistants (RA) who help plan floor events and conduct administrative responsibilities in the residence halls.
Over 80% of our students live on campus. That means you'll always have a gaming partner.
After your first year you will have a choice of where to live. There are three types of rooms at Bryan: 1) Suite style rooms which consist of two rooms connected by a common bathroom; 2) Community style rooms with a vanity area in the room and large bathrooms on each floor; 3) Town home rooms that include a living room, full kitchen and private bath for each room. Each room type houses two students. Want more? Check out a list of common residence questions.
Dorm rooms are great places to study or relax.

Dining Hall

Some students say the food is better than home cooking. Really, there are a lot of options to choose from—hot entrees, salads, pizza, sandwiches, stir-fry, etc.! Bryan's dining hall is located in the student center and runs on a "continuous service" model. Monday through Friday the dining hall is open 7am - 7pm. This makes it a great place to hang out to play a card game, or grab some coffee while studying. Often the dining hall has specials such as smoothies or hot pretzels. (See hot meal hours)
The Bryan dining hall is state of the art, and the food is really, really good.

Location. Location. Location.

Bryan is located in picturesque Dayton, Tennessee in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains. We are about 30-40 minutes north of Chattanooga and 70 minutes south of Knoxville, so there are plenty of cultural, historical, and entertainment opportunities. Thinking about coming to Bryan for a visit or just want to know where we are? Here's how to get to Bryan.
Located in the mountains of Southeastern Tennessee, the Bryan campus combines natural beauty with modern facilities.

The Student Handbook

The Student Standards at Bryan are designed to create an atmosphere of personal responsibility and healthy habits. The Student Handbook is available online. Most students want to know about things like curfew (12:30am Sunday through Thursday and 2:00am Friday and Saturday), and when they can visit the residence halls of the other gender (Female halls are open Friday evenings and male halls are open Saturday). If you have any questions, ask your admissions counselor when you come for a visit.