Honors Day Photos
April 29, 2005

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From left, Elizabeth Kohler, Evan Myers and Sara Davis.
Christian Studies
Front, from left, Kevin Powell, Matthew Smith, Ashley Criswell, Melia Warren, Elinor Hillyer and Guellermo Anya. Back, Paul Gutacker, Paul Laskowske, Jason Braaten, Kevin Klay and Brendon Witte.
Communication - English
From left, Elizabeth Starbuck, Justin Lonas, Sara Davis, Corrie Nash and Ashlie Parker.
Justin Deweese, left, and Guellermo Anya.
Mindy Gentry, left, and Sarah Brown.
Music 1
Front, from left, Dan Spivey, Brittany Fawcett-Lowe and Sally Kelley. Back, Daniel Tomyn, Timothy St. John and Anna Squires.
Music 2
From left, Kathryn Fridsma, Roy Smith, Jessica Reed and Emily Cook.
RJ Smith
Corrie Nash, Beth Simon and R.J. Smith.
Paul Gutacker and Anneli Horner.
Zachary Williams, left, and Victor Felipe Vallejo.
Theatre 1
From left, Rachel Morgan, Kathryn Fridsma, Jessica Reed and Amanda Sherrin.
Front, from left, Laura Barton and Lydia Persson. Back, Cory Thompson and Troy Bradley.
Paul 1
From left, Paul Downer, Aileen Vaughn, Tamara Cook and Brad Poston.
Hannah Rogers and her brother, Cleon Rogers.
Virginia 2
From left, Eva Holder, Josh Long, Virginia Petitte and Anneli Horner.
Sapien 2
Michael Sapienza, left, and Dr. Livesay.
Boling 3
Academic Vice President Dr. Cal White, left, and Dr. Paul Boling.
5 Years
From left, Dr. Todd Wood, Tami Tullberg, Tim Shetter, Earl Reed, Jody Cheon, Dana Kennedy, Tracey Bridwell and Dr. Livesay.
10 Years
From left, are Dr. Livesay, Dr. Paul Boling, Marcy Froemke, Dr. Brian Hill and Dr. Ray Legg.
15 Years
From left, Sandy Zensen and President Dr. Stephen D. Livesay.
25 Years
From left, President Dr. Stephen D. Livesay and Dr. Mel Wilhoit
30 Years
From left, President Dr. Stephen D. Livesay, Dr. Martin Hartzell and Dr. Bill Ketchersid.