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Take a teacher, a new law prohibiting teaching human evolution, a town craving publicity, and two of the best-known men in America, mix them together in a courtroom heated by the glare of international publicity and bake for 82 years and out comes “The Scopes Trial: Inherit the Truth.”
“Inherit the Truth” captures the drama, humor and serious issues that were debated in 1925 when William Jennings Bryan, Clarence Darrow and a host of others gathered in Dayton to argue the Scopes Evolution Trial.
Filmed in the courtroom and on the grounds of the Rhea County Courthouse where the trial was held, “Inherit the Truth” is a video of the trial reenactment which is produced each year as part of the Scopes Festival.
“The trial itself took eight days,” Bryan President Stephen Livesay said. “‘Inherit the Truth’ portrays that watershed event in two hours. We believe this DVD presents the essence of the trial which caught the attention of the world in 1925 and still commands attention today. In addition to being great entertainment, this DVD will be an excellent resource, with its accompanying study guide, for further research about the case, the issues and the personalities involved.”