Insurance Requirements

Students are required to have insurance for the school year OR pay a $200/per semester health administrative fee. To submit your health insurance information, go to eStudent and click "Student Insurance."
Students may choose from these three options:

  1. Show proof of insurance from a student’s family plan or personal plan.
(The PolyClinic accepts most insurance plans except any Urgent Care/Emergency Care Only policies. However, it is important that you make sure that the student's insurance is not restricted to a specific city or state (i.e.: Memphis). In this case you may need to get additional coverage.) An acceptable insurance policy is a plan that will directly reimburse the students expenses at 3 of the 4 following medical locations:
  • Bryan PolyClinic / PolyClinics.Net, PLLC
  • Rhea Medical Center
  • Quest Labs
  • The Erlanger Hospital System
  1. Please check the Bryan PolyClinic website for student insurance recommendations.
  2. Pay a $200/semester health administrative charge. This IS NOT INSURANCE, but is required for students who do not chose option A or B. Also, this option is NOT open to student athletes.
To submit insurance information (options A, B or C), log in to your eStudent account and check document tracking. 
  • Any student who has not submitted proof of insurance by August 1 will be charged $200.
If you choose to pay the administrative health charge (option C) instead of purchasing insurance, please note the following:
  • If you do not choose Options A or B, you will have a $200 charge automatically added to your account.
  • This cannot be paid through the tuition pay plan.      
  • The Friday after the first day of class will be the last day to submit proof of insurance. The Drop/Add date will be the last day to have $200 charge removed from a student's billing account.