A Day in the Life at L'Abri

The average day at L’Abri affords the student countless opportunities to learn. They interact with ideas through study, conversation, work,and many other settings.

The first required activity of the day is breakfast at 8am.  All students at L’Abri eat breakfast together every morning in the main dining room.  One of the workers leads in a prayer to commence the meal and also reads something or offers some devotional thought as the meal draws to a close.  Student volunteers wash the dishes as everyone disperses and prepares for the day. 

The first of two daily work/study sessions begins at 9:30.  Every student at L’Abri—whether a full-term student, a Bryan student visiting for the week or anything in between—is assigned a work station around the Manor House, which assignment is based on a work list posted each day.  Work is an essential part of the L’Abri experience because everyone contributes to the operation of the community.  These work stations include gardening, cleaning up, doing laundry, and preparing lunch at the various apartments (or “flats”) within and around the Manor House.  Whoever is assigned to a morning work crew studies during the afternoon work hours, and vice versa.  In the middle of each work/study session is a half-hour tea break, which for some was a highlight of the day.

Following the morning work/study session, everyone goes to lunch in one of the flats in and around the Manor House.  At the outset of lunch, the worker who is hosting the meal leads the group in deciding on a discussion topic around which lunch conversation centers. Examples of discussion topics include chivalry, forgiveness, and “turning the other cheek.”  Everyone at the table is expected to participate and contribute to the discussion.

The afternoon, like the morning, features a work/study session with a tea break in the middle.  Dinner is at 5:30 and occurs in a more relaxed atmosphere than earlier meals in the day because there are no focused discussion topics, and conversation flows freely.  After dinner, some nights are free, and some nights have evening activities such as lectures or a film screening.