Commit your works to the Lord, and your plans will be established (Proverbs 16:3).

Planned Giving 

The purpose of Planned Giving at Bryan College is to educate and guide you in the areas of non-cash giving, such as land, stock, personal property, etc. and gifts that provide you income (Charitable Gift Annuities),

Scripture teaches us, and we believe that God is the owner of everything and we are His stewards.  As you pray about and consider how to support God’s work here at Bryan with a non-cash gift, we are here to provide assistance so your stewardship desires are achieved along with the most tax-efficient ways to complete the gift.  

The four planned giving options are as follows:

Estate Planning

When you decide in advance what your stewardship desires are for what God has entrusted to you, this is estate planning.

By not planning, your family, your desires, your Christian values are put at great risk. Most of us never get around to estate planning.  Best estimates tell us that more than half of all Americans will die without a will.

The mission of Bryan College is sustained by legacy gifts from those who wish to see God’s work here at Bryan continue.

The three estate planning options are as follows: