Majors and Programs

Bryan offers 42 options in 21 major areas. Each student must complete an Application for Major and receive approval from an academic department to be officially enrolled in a major program. This application for major is normally completed during the second semester of the sophomore year, but it may be completed earlier once a student has decided on a major.
In addition to course requirements listed on the four-year plans and the catalog, each department requires a senior assessment in the major; and the college requires a variety of core curriculum assessments prior to graduation.

Biblical Studies


  • Foundation Option
  • Biology Licensure Option
  • Nursing (Vanderbilt "Bridge" Program)

Business Program

  • Business Administration (BS)
    • Economics & Finance Option
    • Management Option
    • Marketing Option
  • Economics & Finance (BA)
  • Management (BA)
  • Marketing (BA)

Christian Ministry

  • Christian Leadership Option
  • Pastoral Ministry Option
  • Worship Arts Option
  • Youth Ministry Option

Communication Studies

  • Film and Media Option
  • Foundation Option
  • Corporate Communication Option
  • Journalism Option

Creative Writing

Criminal Justice

Education - Elementary & Secondary


  • Literature Option
  • English Licensure Option

Environmental Science

Exercise and Health Science

  • Foundation Option
  • Physical Education Licensure Option


  • Foundation Option
  • History Licensure Option



Liberal Arts

  • Arts & Humanities Option
  • Classical Studies Option
  • Natural & Mathematical Sciences Option
  • Social & Behavioral Sciences Option


  • Foundation Option
  • Applied Mathematics and Computer Technology
  • Mathematics Licensure Option
Music (BA)

Music (BS)

  • Contemporary Music Option
  • Music Administration Option
  • Music Education Instrumental Licensure Option
  • Music Education Vocal/General Licensure Option
  • Music Ministry/Church Music Option
  • Musical Theatre Option
  • Piano Pedagogy Option
  • Performance Option with a concentration in piano, voice, organ, or instrument

Philosophy & Culture

Politics & Government

  • Foundation Option
  • Law Option

Pre-Professional Programs

  • Pre-Law
  • Pre-Medicine
  • Pre-Pharmacy
  • Pre-Veterinarian
  • Nursing



  • Foundation Option
  • Spanish Licensure Option