Meet Your Counselor

  • Andrew Smith A-G
    MEET Andrew
    Admissions Counselor
    My childhood was spent in the backwoods of a small town called Niota, Tennessee. Growing up family was always within arm's distance--the "whole" family, and until this day I have still only met a couple of people who have t-shirts made for their family reunions.
    Although Niota is only about thirty-minutes from Bryan, I knew close to nothing about the school and it certainly wasn't on my radar until I received a baseball scholarship. The school's motto, "Chirst Above All," began affecting me the moment I arrived on campus and has never stopped. It was a sweet season of an inconceivable amount of spiritual growth. At Bryan I made life connections and friendships that miles could not break. Also it was a time where my flaws, passions, weaknesses, and few strengths were exposed to help me understand my desperate need for the Lord and His grace and power. I am so indebted to Bryan for helping me better understand my individual and corporate calling as a disciple of Christ and the relationships that developed from my time here. I graduated in May of 2013 with a B.A. in Biblical Studies, and now have come back as an Admissions Counselor. If you have enough conversations with members of the Bryan community, you will hear crazy story after crazy story about how things fell into place for them to end up at Bryan. I have come back as an Admissions Counselor to be a part of that story.
    To find out more about Bryan and why me and so many other people love it, call me at 423-775-7218 and we will talk. But if you want to experience what we have (a season of growth, challenge, exposure, fellowship with the Lord and other people), I urge you to apply and see it for yourself. .
    Andrew Smith
  • Amanda Peckman H-N
    MEET Amanda
    Admissions Counselor
    I grew up by the river in Rock Island, Tennessee. When I was in high school, my Dad went back to college to pursue his degree. He chose Bryan College. We started visiting Bryan as a family; and by the time I was a senior in high school, Bryan felt like home. I started Bryan in the fall of 2008. What drew me to Bryan was the tight knit community and the atmosphere of Bryan as a place to explore new ideas.
    At Bryan I was involved in the Worldview Initiative, Summit, and Break for Change. This involvement helped shape me as a thinker, leader, and servant of Christ. I met my husband at Bryan, and we married in the summer of 2011. We both graduated in the spring of 2012. I am thankful for the lifelong friendships I have built with both students and professors during my time at Bryan. I plan on pursuing a counseling license and starting my own practice.
    I would love to tell you more about my Bryan experience and why I love Bryan College! Contact me at 423-775-7579 or email me at .
    Amanda Peckman