Dr. Salvatore Musumeci

Associate Professor of European History & Italian Cultural Studies
Director, Bryan College Honors Program
Co-Director, Bryan Center for Undergraduate Research

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E-mail: salvatore.musumeci@bryan.edu
Office Phone: 423.775.7260
Box: 7806

Dr. Salvatore Musumeci is a Connecticut native and fervent Hartford Whaler and Jimmy Buffett fan.  Dr. Musumeci received his BA in Philosophy and Religion from fellow CCCU member Palm Beach Atlantic University and his MA in History from Trinity College in Hartford, CT.  He completed his Ph.D. in History and English at Queen Mary and Westfield College (University of London) under the direction of the noted art historian Dr. Evelyn Welch.

Dr. Musumeci is a socio-cultural historian with an interest in the material and visual cultures of Europe between 1300 and 1600.  His research deals primarily with consumable goods (esp. food and wine), the social imagination in medieval and Renaissance Italy, and the intersection of history, literature and philosophy during the medieval and early modern periods. Dr. Musumeci teaches all levels of European history and Italian language courses at Bryan College.  He and his wife Robin live in Chattanooga, TN.  Dr. Musumeci can be reached at salvatore.musumeci@bryan.edu and would be happy to discuss the possibilities of studying history at Bryan College as well as what careers are open to history majors and minors after they graduate.

Academic Degrees

  • Ph. D.: History & English, Queen Mary and Westfield College, University of London (London, England)
  • M.A.: History, Trinity College (Hartford, CT)
  • B.A.: Philosophy & Religion, Palm Beach Atlantic University (West Palm Beach, FL)

Courses Taught

  • CT391A: Holy Feast, Holy Fast: The Restorative Significance of Hospitality
  • CT391B: Doing Life Together: Reflections on Community and the Rule of St. Benedict
  • CT492: Theology and Culture
  • HIS111: Western Civilization, I
  • HIS112: Western Civilization, II
  • HIS220: Historical Writing
  • HIS232: Survey of Non-Western History
  • HIS251: Church History, I
  • HIS252: Church History, II
  • HIS321: Early Modern Europe
  • HIS328: Tudor and Stuart England
  • HIS330: Ancient History
  • HIS331: Medieval Europe
  • HIS334: History of Reformation
  • HIS353: Renaissance Florence
  • HIS390: Food in Italian History, Society, and Art
  • HIS400: Advanced Research
  • HIS470: Independent Study
  • HIS475: Teaching Assistantship
  • HIS476: History Internship
  • ITAL101 Conversational Italian
  • ITAL111: Elementary Italian, I
  • ITAL112: Elementary Italian, II

Topics of Expertise

  • European History (1300-1600)
  • Italian History and Culture
  • Intellectual History and Cultural Studies