Beisner calls for ‘dominion’ to reflect God’s care

June 3, 2014

beisner4smChristians have a God-given mandate to care for creation, but need to understand that the mainstream environmental movement is based on a worldview contrary to Scripture, the founder of the Cornwall Alliance told Bryan students Wednesday.

Dr. Calvin Beisner speaks with students
after his chapel talk.

Dr. E. Calvin Beisner said, “When we read Genesis 1: 28, our dominion over the earth is to reflect God’s dominion over the earth. What we read of Him in Genesis 1 is that He makes life to proliferate; He is pro-life in so many ways. That is what our dominion should be like.” On the contrary, “most of the environmental movement views man as users and abusers.”

Because of its environmental concerns, the Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation has seeks to help the poor “because much of environmental policy has consequences of harming the world’s poor.”

Decisions such as those banning the pesticide DDT have had the unintended consequence of exacerbating the condition of the world’s poor or contributing to millions of needless deaths each year. Even promoting use of ethanol in fuel has resulted in increasing the cost of food, a severe blow to individuals living in poverty.

The Cornwall Alliance also is committed to “a biblical proclamation and defense of the Gospel of Jesus Christ” in the face of environmental vilifications of Christianity.

“Many Evangelicals embracing creation care have adopted principles, ideas and policies without adequately examining them theologically, scientifically, or environmentally,” he said. “Environmentalists often say if you love God you will care for the earth. That may be true, but the Gospel is that Jesus died for our sins; taking care of the earth is the law. Confusing the law with the Gospel is deadly.

“I hope you catch the vision and take away the excuse from critics who say that Christianity is the main reason for the destruction of the earth.”