Bryan filmmakers boost Chattanooga soccer

June 3, 2014

filmA series of short films produced by Bryan filmmakers is helping boost interest in the Chattanooga Football Club (CFC) – that’s “soccer,” for those who don’t know better.

Bryan filmmakers in a lighter moment during
filming for a CFC promotion Chris Clark, head of Bryan’s film program, said work done by a group of current students and graduates is being featured on the CFC website, giving alternatives to game footage which also is posted.

“During spring break I approached the CFC about getting more content on their web site and on media like Facebook,” Mr. Clark said. “I got the go-ahead, and the weekend after graduation we filmed three two-minute films.”

The cast and crew were made up mainly of Bryan students and alumni, with others filling in as needed.

“The promos they had were focused on soccer,” Mr. Clark said. “These are more focused on the fans, and how their interest in soccer is seen in their workdays. To see the videos as they are posted, click here.

In addition to Mr. Clark, who wrote and directed, and produced the shorts, the crew included recent graduates Colton Davie, director of photography; Jordan Pilgrim, first assistant camera; Kelly Shannon, second assistant camera; and Bryan Saylor, editor; alumnus Paul Middlekauff, sound; and students Derek Batt, first assistant director; and Justin Kelly, sound. Chattanooga casting director D.R. Fraley provided actors for roles not filled by Mr. Clark’s Bryan connections.

“This has been a great opportunity for the Bryan program and for me professionally to have real production experience,” Mr. Clark said. “It is exciting to see students and recent grads step up and do what they have learned about in class. This really has been an advanced workshop for the students, and has pushed me as well.”

He said this experience is valuable to the program and students, and hopes to develop further opportunities like this. “We already have had interest expressed in our doing more work like this,” he said.