Bryan hosts Summit Tennessee students

June 4, 2014

summit2012More than 350 students will descend upon the campus during the next two weeks at Bryan’s Summit Tennessee conference, studying how to articulate a biblical

Over 350 students will attend Summit Tennessee at Bryan beginning Sunday, July 7. worldview, practicing what they learn, and having a good time while learning to think critically about the world of ideas.

Speakers include Summit President Dr. Jeff Myers, author and speaker for Summit John Stonestreet, Bryan professors Dr. Ken Turner, Dr. Paul Boling, and Sam Youngs, as well as Bryan College alum Ben Williams. Speakers will challenge students to critically understand the culture which surrounds them and know how to lead.

“Summit’s ultimate goal supersedes simply training,” said Michael Reneau, communications manager for Summit and Bryan alum. “As Summit students are challenged to understand their faith and defend truth, they will also be equipped to have a positive influence on the societies in which they live: their families, classrooms, places of employment, churches, and communities.”

Students will spend mornings in lectures dealing with subjects ranging from apologetics, politics, pop culture, post-modernism and theology, and how to graciously respond to ideas which are contrary to a biblical worldview.

Afternoons are spent in activities such as service projects in Dayton, hikes in the Laurel-Snow Pocket Wilderness or whitewater rafting. In the evenings, small groups meet with counselors to discuss the day’s ideas and to explore their relevance to students’ lives.

According to Summit President Jeff Myers, “Graduates have become leaders in business, politics, medicine, science, ministry, the arts, and dozens of other cultural channels of influence. At Summit we believe that the Bible tells the whole truth about God, the world, and humanity. We’re committed to these truths as the foundation for life and society.”