Bryan introduces new website

June 3, 2014

June 28, 2011
web3Today Bryan launches its new website with an updated design, a fresh approach, and easier navigation, the result of a nine-month overhaul.

(L-R) David Beisner, Corinne Livesay, Ryan Harrell
Corinne Livesay, director of web communications, said she and a redesign committee reviewed websites and collected and studied usage statistics and user feedback as they undertook the makeover of Bryan’s 3,500-page web presence.

“By industry standards, organizations should put out a fresh, new look on their web sites every two to three years,” Mrs. Livesay said. “Although we had some major overhauls, we hadn’t had a totally new look in more than five years. In addition, the architecture of the site needed a major reorganization to accommodate the growth in our Adult and Graduate Studies and Online programs.”

Turning the technical work over to web designer/programmer Ryan Harrell and media specialist David Beisner, the result is a web site that strives to show “evidence that we are carrying out our mission of ‘educating students to become servants of Christ to make a difference in today’s world.’ Other goals included developing a site that is easy to navigate; has compelling, complete, and up-to-date content; and has an appealing, attractive design,” she said.

One major consideration for the project was to make it easier for various audiences to locate the information they seek. “For example, among our four student populations—both current and future—we have clearly laid out paths to their information: undergraduate, graduate, adult degree completion and online. We also have direct paths to information for alumni, donors, parents and others.”

Looking back at the process, Mrs. Livesay said, “I was regularly amazed at Ryan’s and David’s impressive abilities, keen sense of what would work and what wouldn’t, and their enthusiasm and over-the-top effort they put into making this site a reality. What’s even more impressive to me is that both Ryan and David had sons born during this time, so many of the days they were working seriously sleep deprived!”