Bryan involved in fight against slavery

June 4, 2014

ron gary

Dr. Ron Petitte, professor of politics and government and director of the Center for Leadership Initiatives, was invited to attend the June 19 ceremony of the Secretary of State’s release of the 2012 Trafficking in Persons Report (TIP) held in the Benjamin Franklin Room at the Department of State in Washington, DC.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton described her department’s report as providing “a clear and sobering analysis of the state of modern slavery. It tells us which governments are making progress, which innovations are working best, and how we can strengthen our efforts to bring an end to this crime.”

During the ceremony, ten heroes from around the world were honored for their contributions to the fight against modern day slavery. Mr. Gary Haugen, the founder, President, and CEO of the International Justice Mission (IJM), was the only American so honored. Mr. Haugen is pictured here with Dr. Petitte and Mr. Jonny Elliot. Mr. Elliot is from Belfast, Ireland, and is interning at the National Institutes of Health and volunteering with IJM. He is developing a specialty in administering health care for the victims of trafficking. Click here to access the TIP Report and to view a video of the ceremony.
Bryan’s Fight Against Human Trafficking

Bryan’s participation in the fight against human trafficking began in earnest with the April 2007 Commoner Forum, featuring activist and journalist, Christine Dolan, to alert students to the spectre of human trafficking. Since that time, Bryan has been involved in developing the following educational awareness programs on human trafficking to inform the Bryan community and a broader public of the growing criminal enterprise of trafficking.

  • 2008: “Human Trafficking: Slavery in the 21st Century” featured U.S. State Department representative, Dr. Abraham Lee.
  • 2009: “The Criminal Justice Response to Human Trafficking” featured representatives from the U.S. State Department, the United Kingdom’s New Scotland Yard’s “Operation Maxim Human Trafficking Team,” and IJM.
  • 2010: “International Human Rights: Freedom from Persecution,” focused not only on monitoring and combating human trafficking but also highlighted abuses that the persecuted church is suffering worldwide. Speakers included Dr. Paul Marshal from the Hudson Institute’s Center for Religious Freedom and representatives from New Scotland Yard, the U.S. State Department, and IJM.

Student Clubs

Bryan established in 2007 one of the first SSTOP (Students Stopping the Trafficking of People) chapters in the country. SSTOP plans to host Bryan’s fourth conference this fall, “America’s Slaves,” to take place the weekend of November 9-11.

In addition, SSTOP partnered with Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) to invite Dayton’s mayor to issue a proclamation for a Human Trafficking Awareness Week.
Center for International Development

The Bryan College Center for International Development (CID) has organized more than three dozen anti-human trafficking projects, seminars, and lectures at Bryan College and for other universities and social agencies in the Chattanooga and Hamilton County area. Recently, CID Director Mr. Dennis Miller was invited as a guest presenter in Central Europe to speak on the topic of the global spread of human trafficking for the “Human Rights Education” 2nd International Seminar with an audience of human rights activists from several European countries.

The CID organized for the State of Georgia Department of Education (GADOE) a series of four two-day seminars at the State Capitol in Atlanta from October 2011 to February 2012. These seminars titled “Combating Human Trafficking in Georgia” focused on training key educators from the 16 regional educational districts in Georgia, and featured the two heads of the Scotland Yard human trafficking team, an FBI agent and former Bosnian War crimes investigator, a Diplomat from the Slovak Foreign Ministry, a Policy Counsel for the Polaris Project and the former Director of CNN.

“The Bryan CID,” Mr. Miller added, “has been asked by the GADOE to develop phase two of their anti-human trafficking educational program for 2012-2013. The program will be held in five locations across the state and will have an emphasis on educating students about avoiding the recruiting or luring techniques of human traffickers.”
Bryan Offers New Major and Online Human Trafficking Courses

Beginning this fall, Bryan will offer a major in Criminal Justice, providing an opportunity for students to prepare for careers that support the human trafficking fight.

In addition, Bryan offers four human trafficking courses. One of the new online courses, Domestic Human Trafficking, begins Monday, July 2.