Bryan offers new winter term

June 4, 2014

Bryan students – and others wanting to take an extra course – now have the opportunity during winter term, which begins Monday, December 17.

Academic Vice President Dr. Bradford Sample said six classes will be offered online as the new winter term option launches. “We hope to have 10 to 15 classes regularly,” he said. “Typically they will be general education classes and some for specific majors.”

This year’s course offerings are from the Bible, exercise and health science, music, and psychology departments. See the class list here.

“This is an opportunity for students to catch up or speed ahead on their graduation plans,” Dr. Sample said. “It will help athletes maintain or come into compliance with eligibility requirements, and it offers students the opportunity to take a class they might not be able to work into their schedules otherwise.”

Another benefit he sees is to allow students to “calm down” their schedules. “We have a lot of students who take 18 to 21 hours a semester. This way, they might be able to back down to 15 to 18 hours.”

The month-long break between fall graduation and start of classes for the spring semester also will allow the college to schedule study trips, such as this year’s trip to Jordan and Israel in the future.

Students may enroll in one class for the winter term, at a cost of $185 per credit hour – the same fee charged for elective courses in the School of Adult and Graduate Studies. Deadline for registration is Wednesday, December 12.

“We are trying to become a school with opportunities for classes all year round,” Dr. Sample said. “We want to have classes available to meet students’ scheduling needs.”