Bryan prepares for new school year

June 3, 2014

ci-8New students, new faculty, and a new program mean it’s time for a new school year.
Moving in in August 2010Classes for Bryan’s 82nd academic year begin Aug. 24, but the campus began to come to life this week as student-athletes began their pre-season workouts and student leaders arrived for their planning retreats.

Dean of Community Life Bruce Morgan said orientation and planning retreats would continue next week before new students arrive on Aug. 20. One new feature will be a special orientation program and dinner Aug. 15 for new students from Rhea County.

Admissions Director Aaron Porter said he expects more new students than the 274 who enrolled a year ago since “we already have more (enrollment) deposits than we did last year.”

Academic Vice President Dr. Bradford Sample said two teachers will join the faculty: Brad Gatlin, who earned his undergraduate degree in Bryan’s degree completion program and his MBA from Bryan in 2008; and Courtney Jergins, a 2009 graduate with a degree in English. Mr. Gatlin will teach business and Ms. Jergins will teach English.

At the same time, Dr. Sample said the college will introduce its criminal justice program this fall.

Prof. Kevin Clauson who will head the program, said the program builds on classes offered in the politics and government major and initially will include three new offerings: the law of criminal justice, jurisprudence and public administration of criminal justice.

He said in researching the program he found that few Christian colleges have criminal justice programs, and that a good number of both current and prospective students have expressed interest. He said he hopes to have the criminal justice program approved as a major this fall.