Bryan team excels in student legislature

June 3, 2014

haffnerBryan’s first venture into the Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature (TISL) produced legislative and judicial success and a wealth of experience for participants.

Advisor Dr. Kevin Clauson reported that the Bryan delegation’s bill opposing human trafficking passed the legislature unanimously, and a bill to repeal the state’s inheritance tax was approved by a wide margin. Although there is no formal connection between student-passed initiatives and the state general assembly, Dr. Clauson noted that in the past some student legislation has been adopted by the state’s elected representatives.

Anna Haffner In addition, student legislator Anna Haffner was nominated to serve on the board of the Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation as the private college representative.

At the same time, the four students who argued a case before the TISL supreme court won high praise from judges and other team coaches. One team advanced to the judicial competition’s semi-final round, and the other narrowly missed advancing that far. The judicial team coach from Tennessee Technological University as so impressed he invited team members to participate in a statewide moot court competition.

“Everyone said it was a great experience,” Dr. Clauson said. “I think they came out with valuable experience and new understanding of the legislative and judicial process that will serve them well as they become involved in the political and legal processes.”