Bryan to host conferences

June 3, 2014

Summit09_09Bryan College will be host to nearly 1,000 guests this summer as Summit Ministries and two other groups come for conferences in Dayton.

Vice President for Finance Vance Berger said the arrangement is good for the guests and for the college. “Bryan offers its facilities and support for our conference guests, and our guests get a good look at the campus,” he said. “That can pay off in the long run when young people consider their options for college.

“We have a close relationship with Summit particularly, and over the years we have seen a number of students enroll who first visited the campus during Summit conferences.”

During the summer the college employs a number of students in the operations department to handle housekeeping and maintenance matters. “With conferences using our facilities, we need extra help to accommodate our guests, so this is beneficial to our students who fill these positions,” he said.

Skyland Family Bible Conference will be on campus June 18-24 and Newcamp Youth Camp is scheduled for June 25 to July 1. The Summit Student Conference is set for July 10-22 and the Summit Adult Conference for July 10-15.