Bryan to host regional history conference

June 4, 2014

setrshcThe Bryan Center for Undergraduate Research will host the ninth annual Southeast Tennessee Regional Student History Conference Tuesday, April 9.

Dr. Salvatore Musumeci, a member of both Bryan’s Undergraduate Research Council and regional history conference advisory board, said 32 students from six area colleges and universities are scheduled to present papers. “This will be one of the largest conferences we have had,” Dr. Musumeci said.

The conference offers students the opportunity to present their research in a professional setting and to receive feedback to improve their work. “We mainly have juniors and seniors participating,” Dr. Musumeci said. “The juniors usually are testing the waters for their senior thesis topics. It’s fun to watch them wrestle with the idea, test it out, get a lot of feedback, then come back as seniors and show how they have refined and developed their topics.”

Unlike the Bryan Undergraduate Research Conference which is open to a variety of academic disciplines, the history conference is more narrowly focused. “In this conference we assume everybody has a broad knowledge of the subject area,” he said. “Everybody has taken the survey courses and multiple upper-layer courses, so presenters don’t need to offer as much general background.

“The experience of presenting is good for personal development, but it also is particularly helpful for students who are considering applying to graduate schools.”

Students from Bryan, Covenant College, Southern Adventist University, the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga, and Lee University are scheduled to participate.

Concurrent sessions will be held in classrooms in Mercer Hall beginning at 5:30 p.m. The conference is open to the public without charge.

Members of the Southeast Tennessee Regional Student History Conference advisory committee include Dr. Lisa Diller, Southern Adventist University; Dr. Michelle White, UTC; Dr. Robert Barnett, Lee University; Dr. Jay Green, Covenant College; and Dr. Musumeci, Bryan College.