Business students visit Czech Republic

June 3, 2014

currentfutureMBA International Experience 2011 – Czech Republic

Dr. Adina Scruggs, Assistant Dean of Adult & Graduate Studies, recently returned, along with three MBA students and one undergraduate student from an amazing trip to the Czech Republic. The trip included stops in two very different Czech cities; Brno, the smaller, more laid-back city, and Prague, the large international, multi-culture mecca. The experiences were wide-ranging, but the trip was an overall success. According to Dr. Scruggs, “We are starting to see real opportunities through developing long-lasting working relationships with Czech businesses.”

All of the business contacts for the trip were made through Rick Gascho, a missionary in Brno, who founded The Business Development Center S.R.O., “a Czech Republic-based company with the purpose of developing emerging leaders in the Czech Republic.” He has been serving there with his wife, Christy, and their four children for the last 18 years.

The Bryan students were engaged in learning from a number of Christian Czech employees at several major companies: Dhollandia, a Belgium-based company; Siemens, an American–based company; the Mayo Clinic, an American partnership in Brno based on the model of the international space station; the Penzion Integrity, a Czech-owned non-profit that supports the Students for Christ ministry.

The Integrity Penzion

The future site of additional rooms
Josef and Danka, the owner-operators of the Integrity Penzion, showed us the future site that is under construction that will offer an additional 15 rooms, office spaces and meeting areas for this growing student ministry. This experience was “a highlight of the trip” for everyone. The students for Christ ministry is designed to reach out to college-aged students with a focus on relational evangelism, personal discipleship, and campus outreach. Dr. Scruggs said that, “We hope to incorporate them further in what we do in the future.” The international internship trip with the MBA at Bryan was ardently recommended by all students who participated.