Dr. Livesay’s college address is hopeful

June 4, 2014

8.20_DrLivesaysCollegeAddressIsHopeful1This morning President Stephen Livesay gave his 11th annual State of the College address, showing Bryan College faculty and staff the blessings and challenges that come with the opening of the 2013-2014 academic year.

Dr. Stephen Livesay This year Bryan has experienced an exciting increase in overall enrollment to a projected 1,760 students, continuing an 11-year upward trend despite a slight decrease in the number of traditional resident students.

“Times are changing, and we must provide and develop options for traditional-age students in a way that’s consistent with who we are,” Dr. Livesay pointed out, and Bryan has risen to the challenge by offering multiple avenues for those pursuing a college education. One path is to take two years of courses online and transfer to the physical campus during junior year. Another is to earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree entirely online.

Bryan’s dual enrollment program continues to grow, presently partnering with 19 Christian schools to serve nearly 450 students in five states. These schools have decided to work with Bryan because of the strong Christian worldview put forth in the curricula and courses, which are produced entirely by Bryan College faculty.

The president was pleased to announce that the 12 steps proposed in January 2013 to improve Bryan’s financial situation have all been effectively completed, resulting in over $670,000 in savings since the beginning of the year. “We continue to lay ourselves before the Lord each day and are on our way to end the year in the black.”

Dr. Livesay went on to express his anticipation for what this academic year may bring. Bryan College is currently in its year of decennial reaffirmation and has been preparing for reviews for SACS accreditation. Residence halls, Mercer hall, and several college-owned houses have undergone modifications and updates to improve their aesthetics and serviceability.

“Regardless of where we are and what the modality of education is; we must continue to keep Christ first, we must continue to keep Christ above all; we must continue to keep the mission of the college fundamental to all we do,” Dr. Livesay said.

The address was concluded with all faculty and staff joining together in song:

All is well with my soul.
He is God, in control.
I know not all His plans,
But I know I’m in His hands.

Written by Chloe Ann Nardone ’13, assistant director of marketing, 423.775.7206;

Enrollment Projection Correction from Dr. Stephen Livesay, August 28, 2013:

During the state of the college address, I indicated we were projecting 1,760 students total for the college this fall. Later I discovered that Dual Enrollment numbers were registrations rather than enrolled students. With this change, the corrected total student number is projected to be 1,610. It is important to realize that this change has minimal, if any, impact on the budget. The long-term strategy of Dual Enrollment is to serve high school juniors and seniors and thereby aid in the recruitment of traditional undergraduate students for Bryan.

I apologize for any confusion. We will have concrete numbers at the time of census in a few weeks.