Film prof reflects on 9/11

June 3, 2014

The horrific scenes are indelibly printed on our minds: planes crashing into buildings, people falling from windows, buildings crashing to the ground.

Ten years after September 11, 2001, “9/11” brings to mind all this and more.

But beyond all that, what did 9/11 mean? What do we really remember? What do we think about it?

Chris Clark, assistant professor in communication studies and an independent filmmaker, set out this summer to explore that day by taking a step back from the passions the images arouse and asking friends to reflect.

“I’m calling this ‘10/10: 10 Friends, 10 Questions on 9/11 after 10 Years,’” he said. “This is an online documentary. Looking at 9/11, it struck me that something is missing. What we have is a lot of dramatic, emotional, traumatic images of people jumping out of windows, planes crashing into buildings, and buildings collapsing.

“I was tired of the souped-up music and towers collapsing. I just wanted to pull away, to just talk and reflect,” he said. “I am interested in how different people view 9/11 10 years afterward.”

Mr. Clark selected 10 friends and family members to respond to such questions as where were you when you heard about the attacks? What were you doing? What do you remember about it? “The last question I asked was ‘What do you think about it 10 years later?’ It was purposefully vague and open-ended.”

The first of two 10-minute videos which resulted from his interviews is posted on YouTube, accessed from the second link below. “I want to give people a platform to just talk and reflect on 9/11.”