Filmmakers honored for ‘480’

June 3, 2014

‘480,’ Bryan’s entry in the Chattanooga “diversity Thanksgiving” celebration, received recognition as the “most impactful” video during an awards program recently.

Mr. Chris Clark, director of the film and media program, said the short film addressed the idea of Thanksgiving from the standpoint that the idea of the end of the world derived from the Mayan calendar, might be right. “We took a different approach than did others (who entered the competition),” he said. “We produced a narrative rather than a documentary film.

“The film approaches Thanksgiving from the angle of what happens if the Mayan calendar is right, and the world ends in 2012.”

The script was written by students in the writing for film class and produced and edited by students in the filmmaking class. “This fit in well with what I was planning for this semester,” Mr. Clark said. “I already had two production workshops set up, so the timing was great. We had a number of professionals from the area lined up to work with students, so one acted in the film and others guided students with lighting, sound, and camera work.”

Student Nichole Thomas directed “480,” and TK King and Justin Kelly wrote and edited the film.

The diversity Thanksgiving program was sponsored by Volkswagen and the American Diversity Report in Chattanooga with a celebration that included a parade, poetry, and dance.