Fruit fund-raiser tops goal

June 4, 2014

eisen2smThanks to a lot of spare change and a major boost from the Rhea County United Way, the Bryan community raised enough money to buy healthy snacks for children in the Rhea Family YMCA’s tutoring program.

Dr. Brian “Banana” Eisenback with Anissa Meberg, center,
and Olivia Eanes. Olivia Eanes and Anissa Meberg, head of Practical Christian Involvement’s tutoring ministry, reported a campus change drive raised $482 for the snacks. United Way Director Christine Ralph said her organization would match the amount raised, sending the project over its $900 goal.

Olivia explained that A.J. Caudill of Pioneer College Caterers, the college’s food service provider, will purchase fruit at Pioneer bulk rate. The fruit will be given as snacks one day per week, beginning after Thanksgiving.

“We were very pleased with the results of our change drive,” Olivia said. “We received a lot of positive feedback from faculty, staff, and students—and even from people from the community who stopped by.”

She particularly praised the support of professors Michael Palmer, Brian Eisenback, Salvatore Musumeci, and Ken Turner, who were “targets” of the donations. For raising the most money, Dr. Eisenback agreed to wear a banana costume in chapel after the drive was finished.