Golf, softball join spring sports lineup

June 3, 2014

sb2smAdamForgeysmSoftball and golf join the spring sports lineup at Bryan this month, and coaches for both sports have their sights set on more than wins and losses.

Golf Coach Peter Bollant said his men’s and women’s teams actually have a fall season in which they participated this year, but softball Coach Rocky Stinson and his team inaugurate play on their new field Feb. 11.

The new softball field is about ready
for its first game.

Both coaches were hired a year ago to recruit players, secure equipment, and arrange schedules, tasks they described as “a challenge.”

Coach Stinson’s responsibilities changed in early 2010 after the college decided to build its new entrance and townhouse residences. “While they were moving dirt for the new entrance, they decided to build a field,” he said. Final touches to the new softball field were being made as the season opener neared.

Twenty-one women—all freshmen except three sophomores—make up the softball team. “They will be playing mainly against upperclassmen,” Coach Stinson said. He said he has scheduled several ranked teams early to gain experience before tackling the conference line-up.

“I think we can do well in the conference” if the ladies compete and mature early, he said. “Our conference is at a level that I believe we can be in the running for a shot at the championship.” He also has as a goal to reconnect with former players and encourage their support.

Adam Forgey
takes a shot.
Coach Bollant is working with five women and nine men on the golf teams, as well as a number of junior varsity athletes. He has planned four invitational meets with multiple teams for both men and women, and matches with individual schools as they prepare for the Appalachian Athletic Conference tournament and the NAIA national qualifying tournament in April.

In addition to working to improve their golf skills, Coach Bollant said the team plans a fund-raiser for later in February to help both the team and a program that provides education for children victimized by human trafficking.