Missionary, teacher Steve Strauss dies

June 4, 2014

straussDr. Steve Strauss, ’76, missionary and professor, died following a lengthy illness June 11, after a ministry career that included service in Africa and the United States.

Dr. StraussDr. Strauss most recently was professor of world missions and intercultural studies at Dallas Theological Seminary. Before moving to DTS, he was director of SIM U.S.A. after serving for 19 years as a missionary in SIM in Ethiopia. During his service in Africa he helped establish three theological schools, served as assistant pastor of the International Evangelical Church of Addis Ababa, and taught in churches throughout Africa and India.

Dr. Ken Baker, ’76, called Dr. Strauss “my best friend in this life. We met the first day of college as fellow freshmen, history majors, seminary and mission-bound. We began and completed DTS together and joined SIM the same day. We have shared our lives, passions, and families. What a great journey together. We mourn our loss and rejoice at his gain – complete healing to fully worship our great God. I miss you, Steve, so much!”

Dr. Mark Bailey, president of Dallas Theological Seminary, said, “Dr. Steve Strauss was a world–class ambassador for Christ. He was a lover of God and people, and he was a leader for God’s mission in the world. All of us at DTS have received more ministry from Steve and Marcia these past fifteen months than we have extended to them. Steve’s absence will be noticeable for months and years to come. No one will ever be like Steve, but we will trust God to raise up a host to take his place in the ranks of godly servant-leaders for the future. ”

Dr. Strauss is survived by his wife, Marcia (Krick), ’78x; three children, Cara, Mark, and David; and one grandchild, Ariana.