Research conference winners named

June 4, 2014

Five students have been singled out for excellence in their presentations during the second Undergraduate Research Conference at Bryan recently.

Grace Hughbanks makes her presentation during the conference.Dr. Brian Eisenback, professor of biology and co-director of the Bryan Center for Undergraduate Research, said the 15 student speakers were evaluated by a committee of eight faculty and staff members for the organization, presentation, and content of their papers. “It was an invigorating day, and each student presented themselves with class, professionalism, and confidence,” he said.

Winning papers and their subjects were presented by:

    • ugr8smLydia Steele, first place, “Beneath the Surface: The Neurobiological Effects of Complex Trauma.”
    • Jessica Tameler, second place, “Freeing the Captives: How Women’s Rights Can Reduce HIV in Swaziland.”
    • Alexandria Youngs and Grace Hughbanks, third place tie. Ms. Youngs’ paper was titled “The Novelty of Life.” Ms. Hughbanks’ paper was titled “The Great War, Cherry Trees and a Murder: Reconstructing the Life of the Hall Family in Rhea County During the Early Twentieth Century.”
    • Josiah Newport, honorable mention, “The Pope of the Protestants: The Divorce of Henry VII, the Catholic Church, and the Origins of Anglicanism.”

To be selected to present, students submitted abstracts of their research to a committee of faculty members, who chose the top submissions. Research in the fields of history, psychology, theology, science and literature was presented.

Dr. Salvatore Musumeci, professor of history and co-director of the Bryan Center for Undergraduate Research, said the conference serves two purposes. “The conference allows us to highlight the work of some of the college’s outstanding students and the efforts they make to dig deep into areas of interest,” he said. “They also gain experience in presenting to their peers, in addition to our faculty, at an academic conference, which will be helpful particularly for those interested in pursuing graduate studies or entering the professional workplace upon graduation.”