Stuart boosts Hands and Feet Project

June 4, 2014

stuart2smA career-ending vocal problem has led former Audio Adrenaline vocalist Mark Stuart to find a new area of ministry to orphans in Haiti.

Mark Stuart, left and Eric McEachron, assistant director of faith and mission, speak after Mr. Stuart’s chapel presentation. Mr. Stuart, co-founder and executive director of the Hands and Feet Project, discussed his life change with Bryan Director of Counseling and Soul Care Jonathan Doran during a chapel service Wednesday, March 6.

He acknowledged that even as his band achieved significant success, he struggled with “the feeling of unworthiness. That was a struggle my whole career, that it was a miracle for us to be there. But through all that, there were a lot of nuggets of blessing. In our struggles, God blesses.”

The Hands and Feet Project came out of Audio Adrenaline’s song “Hands and Feet,” which struck a chord with its audience. “We started getting feedback from people across the country saying that that song had moved them,” he said. “In the back of a tour bus we broke down and said, ‘We need to get our hands dirty.’”

Compelled by his love for Haiti that was formed on a visit while he was in high school, Mr. Stuart, the band bought property in Haiti and began an orphanage, with a purpose of providing care as well as placing children in adoptive homes, he said.

Following the chapel program, he met with students and area pastors to continue the conversation over lunch.