Students attend counseling world conference

June 3, 2014

Twenty-two Bryan psychology students were among more than 7,000 participants who attended the AACC World Conference in Nashville, Tenn., recently.

Psychology Professor Dr. Steve Bradshaw said the conference offered students an opportunity to hear experts in professional, pastoral and lay counseling from around the world, and to network with individuals in all areas of the counseling profession.

The biennial conference is the largest gathering of Christian counselors in the world. Students attending the conference receive credit for their academic program at Bryan.

Senior James Baird said, “It was a privilege to hear directly from some of the individuals who have been foundational to our integrative understanding of psychology and counseling. I was most impressed with the quality of the plenary sessions at the conference. For example, I have never heard so much truth come out of a politician’s mouth, as was the case when Mike Huckabee spoke.”

Dr. Bradshaw said, “It was great to see the students drink in the atmosphere of encouragement, enrichment and excitement about being people helpers in a variety of contexts. Many of the main plenary speakers were authors of books they have read for the various psychology classes, including Larry Crabb, John Ortberg, and John Townsend.

“This conference is a great opportunity for our majors to see nationally recognized speakers, rub shoulders with counselors in a training setting, and reinforce the need for more Christian counselors in the field. Many of those who went said it was the highlight of their time at Bryan College. We are so glad it is so close and that so many of our majors and minors were able to go to this event.”