Students challenged to ‘Make’ at Catalyst

June 4, 2014

Fifty-six students plus 16 faculty and staff members took part in the recent Catalyst/Atlanta 2012 conference and came away challenged to “Make.”

Tim Shetter, assistant dean of community life, said the goal of Catalyst “is training the next generation of leaders. People come from all over; there were 13,000 in attendance this year. It’s a great opportunity for students to hear well-known leaders and get information from them. They (the speakers) all have good ideas and information about leadership.”

Students from the Applied Christian Leadership and Advanced Christian Leadership classes Mr. Shetter and Dr. Scott Jones teach were encouraged to attend. Other students in leadership roles on campus, including resident assistants, student government officers, and athletes were invited as well.

The scheduled offered students the opportunity to choose five workshops on Wednesday, while Thursday and Friday were devoted to plenary sessions covering a wide range of topics focused on the “Make” theme. Speakers included Andy Stanley, Matt Chandler, Francis Chan, and David Platt. “One of the main ideas communicated was that we should evaluate ourselves to see if we are following Christ close enough to make disciples,” Mr. Shetter said.

Senior Tori Woodson said, “Catalyst 2013 was a time to reflect on the nature of God, in hearing truth preached from pastors like David Platt and Matt Chandler, as well as to glean wisdom about what it means to be a leader. One of the most convicting truths I heard at Catalyst was from author and anti-human trafficking activist Christine Caine, who said, ‘Nothing will kill you quicker than the spotlight. God has you in places of obscurity because He is making you.’ God used Catalyst to remind me that it is the process of being made like Christ, and not personal fame or success, that matters.”

Mr. Shetter said Bryan students have been attending Catalyst for about 10 years, and he expects the college contingent to grow next year.