Students take fine arts tour to London

June 4, 2014

londongroupsm bridgesmStonehenge, the Tower of London, and a spectacular New Year’s fireworks show were among sights students and faculty experienced on the fine arts tour to London in late December and early January.

Students mug for the camera in London. Mr. Bernie Belisle, assistant professor of communication studies who coordinated the trip, said 16 students and five faculty members spent 10 days visiting “must see” places such as the British Museum, Westminster Abbey, and Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. There also was plenty of time for exploring London on their own, taking in shows, shops, and scenes that caught individual’s attention.

From left are Mr. Jared Cole, Mr. Bernie Belisle, and Ms. Elaine Davis at the Tower Bridge. “Fifteen of the students took the trip as the capstone for their Fine Arts-London class (taught by Dr. Mel Wilhoit),” Mr. Belisle explained. “They were able to see first-hand some of the things they had studied during the semester.

“Some of our students from the UK met us at Bath and went with us to several places,” he said. “Harry Sherwood said it was really strange to see his American friends in his country after being the foreigner at Bryan.”

New for the group this year was a stop at the Museum of Design, and the group stopped at Hampton Court for the first time in a number of trips. Another first was a night ride on the London Eye the day they arrived in London. He said they also were able to see areas in Windsor Castle not open to the public when the Queen is in residence, since she was on vacation.