Survey shows Bryan students ‘satisfied’

June 4, 2014

Results from a national survey indicate Bryan students are more satisfied with their college experience than are their counterparts at other four-year private schools. For the 15th year Bryan students have participated in the Noel-Levitz Student Satisfaction Inventory completed by 259,740 students from 355 private colleges and universities.

In all 12 scales on the survey, Bryan students indicated greater satisfaction with their Bryan experience than do students at other institutions.

Matt Johnson, director of institutional effectiveness and planning, said information gained in the survey helps the college administration in three areas. “It lets them know what our students value in terms of the services we offer, it lets them know what students think we are doing well and not so well, and it gives an indication of how we are compare with other schools similar to Bryan.”

In addition, the results are used as an indirect assessment of the general education program at Bryan and of the students’ perception of the mission and goals of the college, Mr. Johnson said. “This is very significant for our accreditation because the accrediting agency wants us to prove that we are fulfilling our mission and goals.”

Overall, he said, results of the survey should be used by college officials “to help us improve the services we offer to students. These data serve as a tool for future planning and improvement.”

Individual questions in the survey were ranked on a seven-point scale, with “7” indicating the highest satisfaction. Among Bryan students’ top items are:

  • Nearly all of the faculty are knowledgeable in their field 6.32
  • I am able to experience intellectual growth here 6.18
  • My development of a Christian worldview has been enhanced at Bryan 6.10
  • The institution shows concern for students as individuals 6.09
  • The quality of instruction I receive in most of my classes is excellent 6.06


                                                                                                           Bryan College       4-year Privates                  Mean Difference

Instructional Effectiveness                                                                  5.84                        5.490                                             .35

Academic Advising                                                                                6.12                         5.520                                             .60

Concern for the Individual                                                                  6.03                         5.340                                             .69

Student Centeredness                                                                            5.80                        5.430                                             .37

Campus Climate                                                                                      5.76                        5.350                                              .41

Recruitment & Financial Aid                                                              5.66                         5.120                                             .63

Registration Effectiveness                                                                    5.66                         5.180                                            .48

Safety & Security                                                                                      5.15                         5.000                                            .15

Service Excellence                                                                                   5.68                        5.220                                             .46

Campus Support Services                                                                     6.04                          5.460                                            .58

Campus Life                                                                                             5.50                          4.990                                             .51

Responsiveness to Diverse Populations                                            5.67                         5.260                                             .41