Work begins on intersection

June 3, 2014

fence1smWork on the final portion of Bryan’s new entrance—the intersection with U.S. 27—began Monday (July 11) as workers cut the fence and began clearing the right of way.

The fence is down, ready for work on the U.S. 27-Landes Way intersection to continue. Workers from The Rogers Group, the project’s contractor, removed fencing that separated college-owned property from the highway right of way early in the day, then moved in an excavator to start the necessary clearing.

Tim Hostetler, Bryan’s vice president of operations, said, “It’s exciting to see construction start on this phase of the new entrance project. Finally being able to turn off U.S. 27 to drive onto the college is something that has been a dream for many years, and now we’re about to see the dream become reality.”

When completed, the intersection will include traffic signals and turn lanes to provide access to Landes Way. The project is to be finished by Aug. 15, five days before new students arrive to begin the 2011-12 academic year.