Difference Maker Benefit Extended to AGS Students

January 9, 2017
Airdrie, Scotland
Aidrie is a Scottish town in North Lanarkshire, one hour from Edinburgh and a half-hour from Glasgow. Each Wednesday, students will take class trips to cultural and scenic sites in Scotland, visiting much of the country over the semesters. Spring Break allows students to plan a week-long visit to a nearby European country like England, Ireland, France, Italy, Holland, Germany, or Switzerland. All weekends are open for students to go exploring as well. Students will share a furnished house or flat in Aidrie. Both houses and apartments will be within easy walking distance of the church for worship and classes, the town center, and the train station. Housing is equipped with a landline phone with an international calling plan and wifi, and students will be provided with cell phones.
Students pay Bryan tuition, travel expenses, plus a program fee.

Once in Scotland, all costs of living will be covered by the program. These include: text books, housing, phone, Wednesday afternoon field trips, £175 pounds a month food allowance, and £150 pounds towards the cost of the international flight after arrival. (All your text books are paid for and will be shipped back to the U.S. for you at the end of your stay.)

Students are responsible for their international travel to and from Scotland, spring break travel, and any additional personal expenses.