Resources for First-Year Students

As you become more comfortable in making the Bryan campus your home and getting to know the people who will become like family, you will benefit by learning more about each of the following areas:

People Who Are Here to Help You

  • Office of Student Life - Located in Latimer, the Office of Student Life exists to help you with anything you need for your time at Bryan College. Whether you are struggling with finances, a personal crisis, or a housing difficulty, we will work with you to find the resources you need. Feel free to drop by the office, or call Mrs. Judy Olsen at 423.775.7209 or send her an e-mail
  • Residence Life Staff - Every residence hall is staffed by a full-time resident director and resident assistants who are here to help you adjust to living on campus.
  • Counseling and Soul Care - Staffed by two full-time counselors, you can schedule an appointment if you need someone to lend a listening ear and offer guidance during your time at Bryan.