Northstar Leadership Conference College Credit Options

An IJM-Bryan College Partnership

This August, the International Justice Mission is hosting Northstar, a new leadership conference for students passionate about fighting modern slavery. Students will convene in Atlanta from around the country to learn, worship, connect and take action together.  Bryan College and IJM are teaming up to offer college-credit options for those who want more. While this opportunity has concluded, we hope to offer further credit options through an ongoing partnership between Bryan College and IJM. 

Go deeper and earn college credit in one of two special tracks:
  • Track #1: The Dynamics of Human Trafficking is an opportunity to focus in on the mechanics of human trafficking. Students will engage with Kevin Bales’ important book Modern Slavery: The Secret World of 27 Million People.  They will have the chance to study the root causes of human trafficking and the best solutions being offered.  Students in this track will be enrolled in LA220 Introduction to Human Trafficking. Click here to see the syllabus for the Human Trafficking track »
  • Track #2: Justice and Action is an opportunity to dive deeper into a rich theology of Biblical justice and social action.  Students will interact with Bethany Hoang’s recent book, Deepening the Soul for Justice, and Ken Wytsma’s new book, Pursuing Justice.  Students will have the opportunity to engage with scripture, interact with key leaders and thinkers, and swap notes with each other. Students in this track will be enrolled in PHIL290 Selected Topics: Justice and Action. Click here to see the syllabus for the Justice and Action track »
For a couple weeks following the conference students will continue engaging through interacting online with key readings and with each other. Upon completion, credit will be granted through Bryan College and can be transferred to other schools (according to the discretion of the receiving institution).  
  • Individuals who are interested in these opportunities should register for the Northstar Leadership Conference first. After registering, please follow the directions below.
  • Individuals who have already registered for the conference and are interested in enrolling to earn three college credits can fill out the Bryan College e-z application here, and then enroll in the course of your choice (LA220 Introduction to Human Trafficking or PHIL290 Selected Topics: Justice and Action).  Each course is three credits.The cost for these courses is a discounted rate of $300.
Bryan College is an environment where serious students can ponder the things that are true and right and beautiful. By using critical thinking, open dialogue, and a Biblical framework, students develop habits of mind they will carry through all of life. As they hone their thinking, their capacity for meaningful action in the world increases. 

Questions can be directed to Ben Norquist at 423.309.1257 or