Orientation Details

This page provides details for many of the events and activities that are included in New Student Orientation, August 23-29, 2014.  See the complete schedule by clicking here.

Bryan’s Philosophy: Why We Do What We Do

Many students and even visitors have observed that Bryan College has an unusually strong community atmosphere. So what? Why is that important? How does that happen? In this session we will consider how and why the co-curricular requirements at Bryan contribute to a richer educational experience. Required of all new students. Back to schedule »

Bryan’s Heritage: Why We Are Here  

The Scopes Trial! Brought about as a publicity stunt to bring attention to Dayton, this became one of the most important court cases of the twentieth century. And it directly led to the founding of Bryan College.
This session will explore why Bryan College came into existence. Students will learn some of the heritage of this institution and why it still has an important role in the nation today. Led by a Bryan faculty member who has been a cast member of the Scopes trial play, students will gain a vivid imagery of the heritage of the college where they have chosen to study.  Back to schedule »

Library Open House

We would like the chance to get to know you before you are so busy with your studies and if we can answer any questions for you early on, so much the better! We can show you around the library or just chat for a while. So come enjoy some refreshments with your library professionals!

ACT Exam

This testing is only for those that were notified to take the test. 

Location: Mercer 317
Make check payable to Bryan College or bring exact change for test: $35
Photo ID (driver’s license or BC ID)
Calculator (Acceptable Calculators for ACT use)

Students will not be allowed to take the test if they do not bring both their payment and ID.

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Information Technology at Bryan

This orientation will highlight what you need to know about our campus network, e-student portal, Wi-Fi access, and much more.  Back to schedule »

Music Auditions

TThese auditions are for the purpose of determining membership and scheduling in this year’s music groups, for piano skills placement and for music lesson scheduling. If you are interested in one of the official music department music ensembles (Chorale, Women’s Chorus, Chamber Singers, Brass/Woodwind/String Ensemble), you must audition at the specified times. Results will be posted Monday evening and you can adjust your schedule on Tuesday as needed. Classes begin Wednesday, so anyone wishing to be in a music performing group must audition as per the schedule (this does NOT include Worship Teams that assist in chapel—those auditions will be later and do not carry college credit). It is not necessary to prepare anything for auditions. Music lockers are available for your musical instruments and should be secured during audition times.

Choral group or voice lessons Rudd 109 (choir room)
Piano Rudd 302
Instrumental ensembles Rudd 112

Anyone seeking to take music lessons must begin the process in Rudd 112 to receive the proper forms.  Back to schedule »

Proficiency Profile (Academic Testing)

The Proficiency Profile measures college-level reading, writing, critical thinking, and mathematics in the disciplines of natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities, These skills and knowledge bases are developed through the general education courses that are normally taught in a four-year, liberal arts institution with a required core curriculum. Students participating in Proficiency Profile testing will receive prior notification and instruction regarding testing specifics. Location: Mercer 116.

Breakout Sessions

You Mean I Have to Study?! The Professors Speak.

At this Monday morning breakout session, students will be able to hear a group of select Bryan academicians give their impression of the academic atmosphere at the college. Come participate as the professors discuss what is different about a Bryan education compared to that at other institutions of higher learning, and listen as they describe what is expected of students academically here. Students will also hear what attracted the professors to Bryan and what it is that keeps them here. There will be opportunities for interaction between students and the professors during this session. This session will be held in Mercer 242. 10:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. sessions.

Athletics, Academics, and Atmosphere

A must-attend session for intercollegiate athletes who are new to Bryan. Members of the Bryan Athletic Committee will be presenting an overview of how athletics fits into the overall life and philosophy at Bryan. There will also be some discussions of some of the practical realities of being an athlete at a small college. In addition the presenters will offer practical suggestions on dealing with classes and schedules, getting involved with people other than teammates, and discuss the Christ-centered atmosphere of the campus. There will be some time set aside for Q & A. This session will be held in Summers Gymnasium. This session is only for members of intercollegiate athletic teams (varsity or JV). 10:00 a.m. session

SGA: Activities and Opportunities

Want to know what’s happening at Bryan? Do you want to know how to get involved in making a positive impact on campus? What leadership opportunities are there at Bryan? Is there anything to do around here outside of classes? These are some of the questions that will be answered at this breakout session. Members of the Bryan College Student Government Association will lead this time of helping new students get a hint of some of the things that resonate with the student body at Bryan. This session will be held in Mercer 239. 10:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. sessions.

Commuters in Community

Are commuters required to attend chapel? How do commuters fit into the life of Bryan College? Meet with other new students who will be commuting to Bryan and learn the answers to these and other questions that you might have concerning commuters at Bryan College. Location: Mercer 241. 11:00 a.m. session only.


Studies indicate that not every college student readily finds the information resources he or she needs to be successful. We want to ensure that you’re one of the ones who do! On your path to becoming a proficient information consumer and creator, we’re here to serve you in locating, understanding, and learning to use library resources, including Web materials, even more effectively than you do now. 
During the library’s orientation session, you’ll have an opportunity to tour the library and get a brief introduction to our library’s online resources. Each of the three sessions begin on the first floor of the library and include door prizes and refreshments. We look forward to meeting you!  

Click here to visit the library on the web.  10 a.m. and 11 a.m. sessions  Back to schedule »

Financial Services Meeting

This session is required of all new freshmen and transfer students and will provide an orientation to financial aid. There are things that you must do each year in order to remain eligible for financial aid and it is important to know what they are so you can be prepared.  Back to schedule »

Hilltop Players' Fall Play Auditions

The Hilltop Players will hold auditionsfor their fall production on Monday and Tuesday beginning at 3:00 pm in Rudd Auditorium. We have a great season planned and would like to encourage everyone interested in this excellent opportunity to develop your acting (or backstage) skills.   Back to schedule »

Prime Time with the President

This time is set aside during Orientation Week for the incoming new students to hear directly from the President. Dr. Livesay will share principles of success that will help new students make the most of their time at Bryan. Back to schedule »  

Department Group Meetings

All incoming new students (both transfer and freshmen) will meet with their respective academic departments in order to get an overview of what is expected of a major in that particular department, have an opportunity to interact with faculty in the department, meet other new students planning on the same major, and have the opportunity to ask general questions.

General information will also be provided with regard to developing your class schedule, making changes to your class schedule, and contacting your academic advisor. If you need to speak with your advisor individually, you will be able to set up an appointment with him/her at this time.

The locations for each departmental meeting will be posted around the Mercer building, as well as on the digital signs. It is important to attend the correct academic meeting. Check your eStudent account under "Schedule" to view your major and the name of your advisor. If the major that is listed is incorrect, please contact the Registrar's Office as soon as possible (registrar@bryan.edu; 423.775.7236; (x236); or Mercer 202).

Biblical Studies Mercer 132
Biology Mercer 317
Business Mercer 137
Christian Ministry Mercer 132
Communication Studies Mercer 139
Creative Writing Latimer 3rd floor lounge
Criminal Justice Mercer 241
Elementary Education Mercer 242
English Latimer 3rd floor lounge
Environmental Science Mercer 317
Exercise & Health Science Mercer 110
General Studies Mercer 128
History Mercer 241
Liberal Arts  Mercer 322
Mathematics Mercer 115
Music Rudd 112
Nursing (Lib Arts) Mercer 317
Philosophy & Culture Mercer 132
Physical Education (EHS) Mercer 110
Politics and Government Mercer 241
Pre-Med (Biology) Mercer 317
Psychology Mercer 239
Spanish Mercer 233
Theatre Rudd 106
Undecided Mercer 128

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Advisee Group Meeting

All incoming new students (both transfer and freshman) will meet with their respective academic departments in order to get an overview of what is expected of a major in that particular department, have an opportunity to interact with faculty in the department, meet other new students planning on the same major, and have the opportunity to ask general questions. 
General information will also be provided with regard to developing your class schedule, making changes to your class schedule, and how to contact your academic adviser. If you need to speak with your adviser individually you will be able to set up an appointment with him/her at this time.
The location for your meeting will be on your e-student account. Meeting locations will also be posted in various locations around campus. It is important to attend the correct academic meeting. If the major that is listed in your e-student account is incorrect please contact the Registrar's Office as soon as possible.   Back to schedule »

Advisors' Open Offices

Following the group meeting you will have the opportunity to meet individually with your academic adviser if you need to discuss specific issues or need to make changes to your fall schedule of classes. You will need to attend the prior Advisee Group Meeting in order to sign up for an appointment time. These meetings will be held in individual faculty offices.  Back to schedule »  

Spiritual Life Conference

SLC is a corporate worship time designed to help us reflect on the goodness of God and His work and movement in our lives.   

The morning and evening sessions are part of the regular chapel program for the semester.
  • Wednesday: 10:00 a.m.
  • Thursday: 11:00 a.m.
  • Thursday 7:15 p.m. Corporate Worship
  • Friday: 10:00 a.m.  Back to schedule »