Office of the Vice President of Academics

  Kevin Clauson, J.D., Interim Vice President of Academics/Professor of Government and Justice

School of Arts and Sciences 

Academic Support Center

    Bethany Smith, B.A., Director, Academic Support Center/ADA Coordinator

    K. Daniel Gleason, M.A., Assistant Director, Academic Support Center/Assistant Professor in English 

 Accreditation and Institutional Research 

     William Harle, Jr., M.A.,  Dean, School of Adult and Graduate Studies & External Programs/Accreditation Liason/Assistant Professor of English

     Matthew Johnson, Ed.D., Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Planning/Instructor in Education and Psychology  

 Bryan Centers

  Dennis Miller, Director, Center for International Development

  Ron Petitte, D.P.A., Director, Center for International Leadership Initiatives/Professor of Politics and Government

Division Chairs

C. Judson Davis, Ph.D., Chair of the Christian Studies and Philosophy Division, Professor of Greek

Randall W. Hollingsworth, Ph.D., Chair of the Humanities Division, Professor of Communication Studies

William M. Lay, Jr., D.A., Chair of the Social Science Division, Professor of Business

Raymond E. Legg, Jr., D.A., Chair of the Literature and Modern Languages Division, Professor of English

Phillip E. Lestmann, Ph.D., Chair of the Natural Science Division, Professor of Mathematics

Faculty listing »

Faculty Officers

Clark Rose, Ph.D., Chair, Professor of Psychology

Phil Lestmann, Ph.D., Vice Chair, Professor of Mathematics, and Chair, Natural Science Division

Adina Scruggs, D.B.A., Secretary, Associate Professor of Business


Gary Fitsimmons, Ph.D., Director of Library Services and Professor of Information Literacy

LaVonne M. Johnson, M.L.S., Public Services Librarian, Assistant Professor

Polly E. Revis, B.S., Technological Services Manager

Connie Sanders, M.L.S., Special Projects Librarian


Susan Matherly, B.S., Academic Records Specialist 

Janet M. Piatt, M.S.Ed., Registrar

Brenda Wooten, Associate Registrar 

Support Staff

Ken Froemke, D. Phil., Consultant for the COC-SACS Review

Rhonda Kettenring, B.S., Administrative Assistant to the Vice President of Academics

Sharron Padgett, B.A. Secretary in the Vice President of Academics' Office

Jennifer A. Travis, B.S., Coordinator of Field Experiences/Education Specialist

Adult and Graduate Studies

Kevin Clauson, J.D., Interim Vice President of Academics/Professor of Government and Justice

William Harle, Jr., M.A., Dean, School of Adult and Graduate Studies & External Programs/Accreditation Liaison/Assistant Professor of English

Emilie Belisle, B.S., Admissions Counselor, Knoxville Region

Charlene Fonseca, B.S., Academic Advisor, Dual Enrollment

Stacey Gates, B.S., Coordinator of Academic Affairs

Carla Harle, B.A., Associate Registrar, Dayton

Benton Jones, M.B.A., Director of Student Services

Janine McCurdy, B.S., Dual Enrollment Partner-Site Liaison

Anna McPeak, B.S., Admissions Counselor, Chattanooga Region

Beverly Meadows, Academic Advisor, Chattanooga Region

Steve Paulson, B.S., Lead Instructional Designer

Caroline Redmond, M.S.I.S., Coordinator of Academic Support Center

Kathryn Romeo, M.B.A., Admissions Counselor, Chattanooga Region

Whitney Smith, M.Ed., Admissions Counselor, Chattanooga Region

Britney Wyatt, B.A., Director of Enrollment